Personal Information

To view or change personal information, click Personal Info menu. By default, Personal Information is the first page displayed after successful login.

Most of the personal can data can be viewed only, however you can also enter or modify more private part of your personal data such as Passport No., Mail box No., and your home contact information, which you can do it by clicking the Edit Personal Information button.

You can enter or modify your personal data which has box next to it. Those data are Email Address (you can enter more than 1 email address), your Internet URL, Passport No., Mail Box No., and information related to your permanent/home address and permanent/home Mailing Address. Enter or modify the data as you find it necessary, and then click Save button. You can always modify or remove information you have entered by visiting this page again.

(Note: if you find that wrong personal data in the part which you cannot change, such as wrong spelling of your name, you have to contact Registry to request for correction).

Optionally, you can also upload your picture by yourself. Then, this photo will be accessible by your academic advisor, instructors of the classes you are going to attend this semester, advisors and members of your thesis/dissertation committees and secretaries of your School/FoS or AoS. Before uploading your photo, you must scan your photo, save it in .JPG format using your student ID filename (such as 000014.jpg) and store it in the computer where you want to upload your photo to the SIS system. Once you finish with this preparation, click Change/Upload picture button. From the pop-up menu displayed, click Browse and locate the location where your photo is stored, highlight it and click Open. After that click Upload File button.

The pop-menu will shows the message Picture updated. Close the pop-up menu. Click the Personal Info again to refresh the page, and now your picture is displayed (before that Answer Yes to the Security Information question).

You can always update your photo by repeating the same steps.