Course Registration

Courses you intend to take during the current semester have to be registered on-line during the registration period (the first 3 weeks of every semester). The course registration will be viewed by your academic advisor, who will approve or reject your registration request using SIS on-line facility. You may send on-line message together with your registration request. Please note that approval is applied to the whole courses you register, not to individual course.

AIT rule stipulates that for each semester you have to register between 9 to 15 credits. If you register less than 9 or more than 15 credits, Dean's written approval is required, and the registration has to be done through Registry Office (not on-line through SIS). Your advisor will reject your course registration if you register less than 9 or more than 15 credits using the on-line SIS service.

To request for a registration, click the Course Registration menu.

To register a course, select the course from the drop-down list Course Code- Title, then choose the correct course type (Credit, Audit, Thesis/Research/Dissertation) from the drop-down list Course Type. After that click Register Course button. The course you selected appears on the table below. Repeat those steps for any course you want to register.

If you make mistake and want to remove a course from the table, then from the row of that course in the table, click Drop, and then from the next page displayed, click Drop button.

If you only choose wrong Course Type, then from the row of that course in the table, click Edit, and from the next page displayed correct the course type from the drop-down list Remark, and click Change button

Optionally you may want to send a message to your advisor together with the registration. To do this, write your message in the Send Message box, and click Send button.

You will get on-line notification through SIS system on the status of your registration request. So after you submit your registration, you need to login to the SIS system to check the status of your request. There are 3 status types:

  • N means that your registration request has not been processed yet
  • Y means that your registration request is approved. The approval date and the name of your advisor are shown
  • R means that your registration request is rejected. You have to make necessary changes as suggested through on-line advise by your academic advisor. Rejection date and the name of your advisor are also shown.

The registration status can be seen from the Approval Status column of the course registration table. Approval or rejection from your advisor will be accompanied with date and the name of your advisor in the row Approved/Rejected Date and Approved/Rejected By column, respectively.

Approval or Rejection are done for the whole registration of courses, not for individual course registration. So your advisor either approves or rejects the whole course registered.

Together with the approval or rejection, your academic advisor may include on-line advise.

So now assuming that your advisor has reviewed your registration and decided to reject your request. Together with the rejection, he/she asks you to make changes to your registration. His/her request is communication on-line through the SIS system.

After a while you log into the system again, click Course Registration, and you will see the following screen:

Look at the column Approval Status which has become R

Look also at the message from your advisor who suggests you, to drop one course. So drop that course, and logout. Later on, check again your registration status by clicking Course Registration menu again. Now your advisor has approved it.

During the registration period, even after approval, you can still add more courses, drop courses or change the type of courses from Credit to Audit and vice versa. Every time you make modification to an approved course registration, automatically the modified registration request will be sent to your academic advisor for approval.