Once you logged in, you will be presented with the faculty screen of the SIS. User's information is displayed on the top of the screen. Functions available for Faculty are displayed in form of Menu on the left part of the screen. Some functions require action from you such as approving course registration by your academic advisees, other functions provide only information to you such as the list of students in your class.

Based on the information provided and interaction you may have, the functions are divided into three categories:

  • Advisees

    Through this menu part you can take actions or view information related to your role as academic advisor and advisor or member of various Thesis/Dissertation committees

  • Classes

    This menu provides information related to your classes. For each of your class, you can get the list of students as well as detail information of each student, including GPA/CGPA. You can also enter the grade of students of your classes.

  • Courses

    Here you can view Course Catalog and courses offered in a particular semester for each School and AoS.