This is the menu where you can get the list of your academic advisees, approve registration of courses, get information on your involvement in thesis/dissertation committees

Getting the list of Academic Advisee

To get the list of your academic advisees, from ADVISEES menu part, click List/CourseApproval, then the next screen will display the list of your academic advisees (Name, Study Program, Country and email address).

If you click the name of any advisee, you will get more details information of that advisee, including photo (if available) and GPA/CGPA information (click Yes to the question 'Do you want to display the nonsecure items ?' of the Security Information pop-up menu in order to view the unsecured student's photo)

Approving/Rejecting Course Registration

At the beginning of each semester, there is a 2-week period where students register (and drop) courses. This process is done on-line and each academic advisor will approve or reject the registration request. During this period, you are expected to login to the system regularly and check whether there is any approval request pending.

First of all, click List/CourseApproval from the ADVISEES part of the menu. You get the list of your academic advisees. Any request of course registration approval is indicated through the word To-Approve in the column Approval Requested column (most left column) of the requestor's record (row). Once you approve a registration, the Approval Requested column will show the value Approved. On the other hand, if you reject a registration request, then the Approval Requested column will show the value Rejected. If the column Approval Requested is blank, the concerned student has not submitted any request yet.

The following screen shows that there are requests from Student4 and Students7, but there is still no request from Student5 and Student6.

To approve a registration/reject a request, click To-Approve link. The screen of the registration approval looks like the following. Please note the word To-Approve shown at the bottom of the Approved Date

Before you approve an approval request, you may want to see more details of the requestor. To do this, click the Student Info/GPA button, answer Yes to the question on Security in order to display the unsecured the student's photo, and then you will get more data of the student, including GPA (same information you get if the you click the name of the student from the academic advisee list)

The approval or rejection is done for the whole registration (for all courses registered, not for individual course). To approve the registration, click Registration Approved button (in this example, registration request of Student4 is approved). Please note the word Approved at the bottom of the column Approved Date a nd the date of approval in the same column.

Optionally, you may send a message to the advisee. To do this, write your message in the box provided (Send Message to box) and click Send button.

If you want to reject a registration request, click Registration Rejected button (in this example the registration request of Student7 is rejected). Please note the word Rejected at the bottom of the column Approved Date.

Usually you want to write a message with a rejection, so write your message in the Send Message to box and click Send.

(Note : If a student requests to register less than 9 or more than 15 credits, written approval from Adviser, FOS Coordinator and Dean are required.)

On the main list of your advisees, now you will see the following screen. Approved request is indicated through the word Approved in the Approval Requested column, so you do not need to do anything with it (The system also prevents you from approving already approved registrations). Rejected registration is indicated through the word Rejected in the same column and you have to wait until the student concerned makes the changes and re-submit the request; and once it is done, the Rejected value will be changed to To-Approve again.

Assuming that the student concerned (Student7) has made the changes as requested by you, then you need to check it again by clicking To-Approve of the student record on the advisee list. You may approve or reject again.

If AFTER approval, a student drops courses or changes any course's type to Audit, then the dropped or changed to Audit course will be listed in the box Course Dropped/Changed to Audit History for at the bottom of the screen.