Date & Time
Nov.26, 03/2:00 PM Prof.Jerome Karle
The Role of Science and Technology in the Quest for a World at Peace
Dec.3, 03/4:00 PM Prof.Paul J. Crutzen
The Antarctic Ozone Hole - A Manmade Chemical Instability of the Stratosphere - What Should We Learn from It?
Jan.27, 04/2:30 PM Dr.Jose Ramos-Horta
The Unipolar World - Can the US Lead?
Feb.5, 04/4:00 PM Prof.Richard J. Roberts
Spreading Peace through Science and Commerce in Developing Countries
Feb.9, 04/2:30 PM Hon.Gareth Evans
Conflict Resolution and Humanitarian Intervention in Response to Genocide
Mar.2, 04/2:00 PM Dame Anita Roddick
Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Trade
Mar.10, 04/2:00 PM Prof.Zhores I. Alferov
Future Trends in Electronic Components for Modern Information Technology
Apr.7, 04/2:00 PM Prof.Robert Huber
Carbonmonoxide Utilizing Bacteria